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Research Fellowship opportunities at the Urban Living Lab Centre: 

Support the Shift Towards Low-Carbon Electric Mobility in Ecuador

Are you passionate about sustainable transportation and want to contribute to the transition to low-carbon electric mobility in Ecuador? Do you possess the skills and expertise needed to drive change in the field of e-mobility? This fellowship opportunity might be for you.


We, the Urban Living Lab Center, seek highly motivated and skilled individuals studying for our Fellowship program. Through this fellowship, we aim to explore the synergies in emerging economies, accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in Ecuador.

About the Project: 

The "Support the Shift Towards Low-Carbon Electric Mobility in Ecuador" project is a vital initiative designed to fast-track the introduction of low-carbon electric mobility solutions. Ecuador has taken significant steps towards reducing fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution in its transportation sector. However, electric vehicles still represent a minimal portion of the country's vehicle fleet, posing significant challenges to widespread adoption.


The project's primary objective is to create an enabling environment for the growth of electric mobility in Ecuador. This involves building institutional capacity, levelling the total cost of ownership for EVs, updating regulatory frameworks, and shaping public perception of e-mobility. By addressing these critical aspects, the project aims to pave the way for developing and scaling EV technology in the country.

Below is a tentative list of topics of interest for this fellowship.  

1. Possible Research Topic

Exploring Collaborative Approaches for National and Global Program Teams in Sustainable Development Initiatives.

2. Possible Research Topic

Assessing Project Progress and Risk Identification in Sustainable Development Projects Through Field Visits.

3. Possible Research Topic​

Promoting Sustainable Practices: Strategies for Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, and Knowledge Workshops.

4. Possible Research Topic

Effective Risk Management in Sustainable Development Projects: Methods and Best Practices.

5. Possible Research Topic

Ensuring Technical Excellence in Sustainable Development: Quality Assurance of Project Outputs.

6. Possible Research Topic

Enhancing Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Development Initiatives.

7. Possible Research Topic

Pilot Project Implementation and Monitoring in Sustainable Transportation: Lessons from Quito.

8. Possible Research Topic

Gender-Related Aspects in Sustainability Initiatives: Collaboration with the Commission on Gender and Climate Change (CGCC).

9. Possible Research Topic

Developing Gender-Sensitive Communication and Engagement Strategies for Sustainable Development Stakeholders.

10. Possible Research Topic

Adoption of Sustainable Development Project Outputs by National and Local Bodies.

11. Possible Research Topic

A Just Transition Strategy for Sustainable E-Mobility: Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Factors. 

12. Possible Research Topic

Incentive Structures and Distributional Aspects in National Regulatory Frameworks for Low-Carbon Electric Mobility. 

13. Possible Research Topic

Field Visits as a Tool for Understanding Project Dynamics and Community Needs in Sustainable Development.

Required qualifications: 


  • Currently have or enrolled to pursue a Master’s degree (preferably urban planning, mobility management, environmental science or similar). 

  • Have a strong passion for writing and reading scientific literature and even considering pursuing a PhD.

  • Excellent research and analytical skills, with the ability to translate findings into actionable recommendations. 

  • Fluency in English is required. Proficiency in Spanish is a plus. 

  • Ability to plan your tasks and convert ideas into actionable tasks. 


Want to apply? 


If you are ready to make a difference, we encourage you to apply for these fellowships. 

  1. Become a Change Maker 

  2. Send your resume and a cover letter detailing your qualifications and motivation to Fellowship. 

  3. The Fellowship Selection Committee will meticulously review all applications and select suitable candidates to proceed to the next stage. These chosen candidates will then be requested to provide a detailed proposal outlining their fellowship project, including their chosen topic, proposed methodology, and a timeframe for its completion. 


Application deadline: 

Rolling application


Note: This is a fellowship position, and candidates will be selected based on their qualifications and commitment to the project´s goals. We actively encourage women to apply for this position. 

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