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Become a Change Maker!

The journey of becoming a Change Maker at the Urban Living Lab Center is an exciting and unparalleled opportunity. It offers a gateway to join an esteemed international network that includes renowned institutions such as UN-Habitat, MIT and the Wuppertal Institute as well as a global network of universities dedicated to driving sustainable change in urban environments.


Who is a Change Maker?

A Change Maker is an individual who uses their skills, expertise, and passion to make a positive difference in their communities. They are doers, turning innovative ideas into reality. They can come from any background or region, and they all share a common goal: to drive meaningful change in urban environments.


Key Attributes of a Change Maker:

  1. Passionated: They have a deep interest in urban transformation and sustainable development.

  2. Systems thinkers: They have a holistic understanding of urban environments. 

  3. Innovative: They think outside the box to find replicable and scalable solutions to urban challenges.

  4. Motivated: They are continually learning and improving their knowledge and skills to better contribute to their cause, and eager to utilize learning resources such as online short courses and webinars, or to pursue further studies.

  5. Adaptive: They are comfortable working in dynamic environments such as in living lab partner cities.

  6. Shared vision: They work towards building a shared vision with other stakeholders to guide their actions and decisions.

  7. Community-oriented: They are strongly connected to their communities and are active participants in understanding and meeting stakeholder needs, allowing them to create solutions that address real-world issues.

  8. Impactful: They strive to make a tangible difference in their communities, measuring success not just by effort, but by the positive changes they help bring about.

How to Become a Change Maker:

Becoming a Change Maker at the Urban Living Lab Center is a transformative journey that empowers individuals to drive positive change in urban environments. Whether you are a student, a seasoned professional, or a dedicated researcher, our program offers a structured path to harness your skills and passion for sustainable urban development. Here's how you can become a Change Maker:

Step 1: Choose your Pathway

Depending on your background and experience, there are three distinct pathways to becoming a Change Maker:

Pathway 1: Students

If you are a student eager to learn and contribute to urban transformation, this pathway is designed for you. You can participate in one of our e-courses, degree programs, or courses offered by our partner universities. These programs will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to address urban challenges effectively. Upon completion, simply provide proof of your course or program completion to us.

Pathway 2: Professionals

Professionals who are already actively shaping the future of their communities and governments are vital Change Makers. To join us through this pathway, you should provide evidence of your ongoing or past initiatives that promote sustainability and positive change in urban environments. Share your projects, policy changes, or other relevant contributions that demonstrate your commitment to urban transformation. 

Pathway 3: Researchers

For researchers dedicated to advancing the field of sustainability in urban environments, our program offers a valuable platform. To become a Change Maker in this capacity, you should have a track record of research and publications related to urban sustainability. Your work should reflect your commitment to contributing to the field, and you should be eager to collaborate and share your expertise with our community. 

The second step on your journey to becoming a Change Maker is to register your interest with us. This is your opportunity to express your commitment to making a difference in urban environments and join a global community of like-minded individuals.

By following these steps, you can embark on your journey to becoming a Change Maker at the Urban Living Lab Center. Together, we will work towards a more sustainable and vibrant urban future, driving meaningful change that benefits communities worldwide.

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