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You have taken the first step towards becoming a Change Maker at the Urban Living Lab Center!


You are on the path to being part of a renowned international network, which includes esteemed institutions like UN-Habitat, MIT, the Wuppertal Institute, UNITAC, TU Berlin, UNEP, Clean Air Asia, ICLEI, UEMI and 22 Universities worldwide.

Being a Change Maker is about being a driving force for transformation. You will share and gain expertise,  and your ideas will be transformed into actions and lead administrations and organisations. With this information, we will put you in our Change Maker Database together with a network of global experts on sustainable change. Furthermore, you are invited to participate in our E-learning courses and have unlimited access to our knowledge products. 

Our Fellowship Programme is also available for those ready to elevate their commitment. You can submit your ideas to unlock new opportunities in transforming urban communities in our future opportunities section of the website..

Your newsletter subscription will provide updates and potential opportunities from our projects and partners. 


Your journey in becoming a  Change Maker has started, and we are thrilled that you are part of the Urban Living Lab Center. 

In the coming days, you'll be joining our Change Maker Platform on Teams. We kindly request you to complete your profile and share a brief overview of your work.

Once you're on board, explore the platform's diverse activities categorized by Regions and Topics. You have the freedom to contribute to any task listed on these cards. This platform is designed not only for individual engagement but also for fostering connections with fellow Change Makers and Coordinators.


Should you have any inquiries or need assistance, feel free to post your questions on the platform or reach out to us directly at

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