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Women in the drivers seat!

At Ampersand Electric Mobility is Gender Incusive!

E-Mobility is used to increase women participation through proactive design to reshape and increase women’s participation in transport.

Gender-inclusion issues in East Africa

Women in transport provision are under-represented in East Africa. There are high harassment rates and violence towards women, including sexual violence.

Supporting women to become moto-taxi drivers in Kigali

The joining forces: SOLUTIONSplus partners (UN-Habitat, UEMI, DLR), Ampersand, GIZ, Jali trained 35 women 68.57% to obtain a driving license and handing 24 e-motos over to women in November 2022.

5 Principles have been developed:

# 1 Understanding

# 2 Training

# 3 Retaining

# 4 Evaluating

# 5 Disseminating

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