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SOLUTIONSplus 4th E-learning course

The fourth e-course of the SOLUTIONSplus global learning programme on electric mobility on the paratransit sector offers participants the chance to dive in key aspects of the paratransit sector.

SOLUTIONSplus learning programme

This e-learning programme will provide a crash course for organisations from the public sector on the electrification of buses and integration in cities´ public transport systems. The SOLUTIONSplus partners will bring in-house expertise to introduce participants to the general topic of electric bus systems, e-buses charging approaches, a global overview of best practices on electric buses, planning procurement and commissioning of electric buses and e-bus operatons.

4th E-learning course starting soon!

This is a 5-unit course, that will be run over a period of 6 weeks to allow one break week.

The course will be launched on 30 May and run until 7 July. Each week, a Unit will be delivered through videos (1 video per module, and 2 to 5 modules per week). Some Units will also feature case studies. An expert webinar will be organized to foster live interactions between the participants and experts. After each Unit, a quiz or test will be provided for the participant to assess her/his understanding of the Unit.

At the end of the course, the objective is to provide a general understanding of the main outcomes of the electrification transition within the paratransit industry, while taking into consideration the specificities of the sector and its operators. Throughout the 5 Units, participants will gain knowledge on the main planning requirements and the different steps to undertake when considering paratransit electrification and their integration in urban mobility systems. The constraints and interests of the various stakeholders will be addressed more specifically, to ensure the development of inclusive projects.

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