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Fellowships for PhD Students


Our program is designed to nurture innovation and foster collaboration between PhD students and our partner universities in select cities and countries within our regional hubs. At the heart of our initiative lies a commitment to addressing the pressing challenges facing urban areas as they transition to cleaner, more sustainable transportation solutions.

Cities are at the forefront of global change, and it's time to be part of that transformation. The New Urban Agenda envisions a future where cities stand as pillars of sustainable and inclusive development. Imagine a city where access is universal, air quality is pristine, safety is paramount, and the quality of life is unmatched. It’s within reach, but to actualize this vision, we must integrate policies across sectors and levels of government. Now is the time to connect the dots, unite the key players, and create an integrated approach.

It is in this context that we introduce our Master Topics, each of which delves deep into the multifaceted realm of electric mobility and its implications for urban living. Our approach is unique in that it places a strong emphasis on practical collaboration with our partner universities in cities and countries across the globe. Together with our academic allies, our master's students will embark on a journey of discovery and innovation, applying their expertise and knowledge to real-world urban mobility challenges.

Through the Urban Living Lab Fellowship you can become part of this journey. This specific opportunity will focus on the co-development of a PhD thesis. For a period of 6-12 months you can work with the ULLC team on a topic that brings together your academic interests with the needs of the Living Lab co-development partners.


The following topics are potential areas for collaboration

1. Possible PhD Topic

Development of Gender-sensitive strategies for electric vehicle services for passenger and freight transport, field assessments, stakeholder engagement concepts, and pilot execution in selected Living Labs (e.g. Quito) while ensuring technical quality, risk management, and facilitating workshops on electric vehicle safety, regulatory frameworks, and sustainable disposal methods.

2. Possible PhD Topic

Develop simplified blueprints for light electric vehicle concepts based on global real-world prototype insights, aiming to guide local entrepreneurs on technical, logistical, and operational aspects through collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

3. Possible PhD Topic

Examine the electric mobility landscape in Africa, focusing on its potential, challenges, actor dynamics, skill demands, circular economy integration, gender roles, funding options, data availability, and effectiveness of tools like SOLUTIONSplus in guiding policy and partnerships, using case studies from Ghana, Morocco, and Rwanda.

Feel also free to explore our Living Lab projects and propose topics proactively. 


Co-develop your Ph.D. topic with us, aligning your academic journey with real-world urban transformations. With a dedicated support mechanism, watch your research transition from development to implementation, shaping the urban living labs of the future.

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