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Urban Living Lab Center Gender Equality Initiative

At the Urban Living Lab Center (ULLC), we are committed to fostering sustainable urban development that is inclusive and equitable for all. Gender equality plays a pivotal role in achieving this vision, as it encompasses the principles of fairness, equal opportunities, diversity, and respect within our organization and the broader sphere of urban planning, mobility, and policy implementation.

Gender equality is an essential pillar of our work. It is not only a matter of social justice but also a crucial element in achieving sustainable and resilient cities. Our commitment to gender equality extends across all aspects of our operations, from policy development and planning to funding and financing, ensuring that women and other marginalized groups are empowered to participate fully in urban transformation efforts.

Classmates in the Library

Our Gender Equality Goals:

Provide Sustainable Workplaces: We create work environments that empower women and marginalized groups to thrive and contribute their full potential.


Promote Mutual Respect: We uphold an organizational culture built on respect, equality of opportunities, and valuing diversity.


Raise Awareness: We work to raise awareness about gender equality within our organization and the broader urban planning community.


Equal Remuneration: We advocate for equal compensation for work of equal value, working towards the elimination of wage disparities.


Eliminate Discrimination: We are committed to systematically eliminating discrimination in all its forms and ensuring that all employees are treated with respect.


Equal Rights and Opportunities: We promote equal rights and opportunities for all genders, acknowledging real-world differences.


Inclusive Workplaces: We strive to build workplaces where everyone feels a sense of belonging.


Support for Female Scientists: We actively support and promote the representation of women in research at all stages within our organization.


Accessibility for All: We are dedicated to creating accessible environments for all, including persons with disabilities.

Gender Equality Plan 2023/24

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Business Presentation

Our Gender Equality Progress

As of August 2023, 52% of our staff members (UEMI) are women, reflecting our commitment to gender balance. We have women at various career levels, including director, senior researcher, expert, and junior researcher positions. Our objective is to continue promoting and supporting female scientists at all stages within our organization.

At ULLC, we believe that gender equality is not only a moral imperative but also an essential element for building sustainable and resilient cities. We invite you to explore our Gender Equality Plan, discover our ongoing implementation projects, and join us in our mission to create urban environments where everyone can thrive and contribute to a brighter and more equitable future. Together, we can make a difference.

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