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Collaborative Research in Thematic Hubs

Thematic Hubs have been established for climate, mobility, energy, digitalisation, education, clean air, governance and education. Each unit develops learning material for each of the core topics and contribute to the development of thesis and case study developments.

What we do

A key activity for the Thematic Hub is the development of course curricula for low carbon development for four thematic areas (urban development, energy, mobility and digitalisation) in collaboration with the Regional Hubs. Curricula for different educational stages will be co-developed, focusing on occupations with a high relevance for climate change mitigation and sustainable development. The Center hosts the global online learning programme and the join capacity building toolbox.  

The Hub developed a multidisciplinary competence framework and carries out a training needs assessment for local authorities and local entrepreneurs (Urban Change Makers). A competence map identifies key topics to be covered by the capacity building programme and identify suitable learning tools that are suitable to reach the target audience. The multidisciplinary competence framework considers key competences for lifelong learning as well as climate science, key technologies, social, personal, entrepreneurial and digital competences.  

The Urban Living Lab Center also reaches out to key actors in relevant projects, in particular by the International Climate Initiative, and facilitate the co-development of the capacity building and innovation programme and associated infrastructures, such as platforms and training centres. 

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