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Research Fellowship opportunities at the Urban Living Lab Centre: 

Uncovering and unlocking the potential of electric mobility in emerging economies 

As a part of your studies, are you interested in promoting sustainable mobility, or are you curious about how innovative mobility options can benefit emerging economies? This fellowship opportunity might be for you.  


We, the Urban Living Lab Center, seek highly motivated and skilled individuals studying for our Fellowship program. Through this fellowship, we aim to explore the synergies in emerging economies, especially in Africa, in the context of electric mobility.  


Below is a tentative list of topics of interest for this fellowship.  

1. Possible Research Topic

Explore road safety management solutions and the integration of the Safe System Approach as a drive towards transformative and sustainable road safety development in Botswana.

2. Possible Research Topic

Empowering Electric Mobility through Collaboration: Investigate the dynamic roles of various stakeholders in advancing electric mobility in Ghana and Morocco, highlighting their contributions, challenges, and potential impacts.

3. Possible Research Topic

Skills for Sustainable Mobility in Africa: Delve into the world of electric mobility in Rwanda, Ghana, and Morocco to identify skill gaps, potential development avenues, and those capable of nurturing these essential talents.

4. Possible Research Topic

Explore how African cities can transform visionary concepts into tangible electric mobility projects, drawing insights from regional and global experiences.

5. Possible Research Topic

Uncover the possibilities for integrating circular economy principles into the electric mobility sector, learning from successful practices and experiences.

6. Possible Research Topic

Explore the pivotal role of partnerships and collaborations in implementing electric mobility, drawing lessons from effective models.

7. Possible Research Topic

Fostering Business Engagement: How to encourage and motivate businesses to actively participate in the electric mobility sector, emphasizing the potential for job creation and skill development.

8. Possible Research Topic

Investigate the influence of gender dynamics in the electric mobility sector, seeking ways to strengthen gender empowerment and sharing best practices.

9. Possible Research Topic

Promoting Inclusivity and Innovation: Criteria and selection processes for companies based on global insights, aiming to encourage job creation and gender equality.

10. Possible Research Topic

Explore the interconnected aspects of electric mobility, including energy sources, electric vehicles, batteries, charging systems, and infrastructure requirements.

11. Possible Research Topic

Funding Options for Emerging Markets: Examine funding possibilities for electric mobility projects in emerging economies and identify potential beneficiaries.

12. Possible Research Topic

Conducting a baseline study on the availability of transport-related data in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region to facilitate informed decision-making.



13. Possible Research Topic

Discover how the SOLUTIONSplus1 toolbox can assist in selecting technical and business options for electric mobility projects.

14. Possible Research Topic

Policy Insights through Comparative Analysis: Conduct a comparative analysis of the e-mobility sector using the SOLUTIONSplus toolbox to identify necessary policy changes and mitigation actions.

15. Possible Research Topic

Academic Institutions and Skill Development: Analyze the role of academic institutions in providing essential skills for advancing the electric mobility sector in Africa.

16. Possible Research Topic

Data-Driven Mobility Decisions: Investigate the current state of data on electric mobility in Africa, exploring data availability, accessibility, and relevance in advancing the electric mobility agenda.

Required qualifications: 

  • Currently enrolled to pursue a Master’s degree (preferably in management or mobility). 

  • Have a strong passion for writing and reading scientific literature. 

  • Excellent research and analytical skills, with the ability to translate findings into actionable recommendations. 

  • Fluency in English is required. Proficiency in the local languages of Ghana and Morocco is a plus. 

  • Ability to plan your tasks and convert ideas into actionable tasks. 


Want to apply? 


If you are ready to make a difference, we encourage you to apply for these fellowships. 

  1. Become a Change Maker 

  2. Send your resume and a cover letter detailing your qualifications and motivation to Fellowship. 

  3. The Fellowship Selection Committee will meticulously review all applications and select suitable candidates to proceed to the next stage. These chosen candidates will then be requested to provide a detailed proposal outlining their fellowship project, including their chosen topic, proposed methodology, and a timeframe for its completion. 


Application deadline: 

Rolling application


Note: This is a fellowship position, and candidates will be selected based on their qualifications and commitment to the project´s goals. We actively encourage women to apply for this position. 

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